English ESOL

Anyone living, moving, or visiting a country that is predominantly English speaking will need to master the English language to be able to communicate and complete daily tasks. Without it, it will be frustrating to complete simple tasks and interact with others. Today, English is the most common language in the world, 60 of the world’s 196 countries use English as their official language. Almost 60 percent of people in the world use English regularly, as it is spoken in more countries than any other language.

Parents new to an English-speaking country, learning English will not only benefit the parent, but the whole family, including children. When parents commit to learning English as a second language it provides a bonding experience between the parent, and English speaking children, and makes communicating much easier. When the children are exposed to English in an academic environment, they typically easily navigate between speaking the primary language at home and English in school.

If all second language English-speakers are to become fluent English speakers, they will require an English language education comparable to their U.S. peers. They will need a robust foreign language curriculum and year-round support with multiple entry points as early as elementary school, throughout middle school, high school, and professional life.

Our Services

The ILLS will create a comprehensive ESOL curriculum that mirrors your English syllabus. The ILLS will customize instructional material and daily activities, including all lessons, worksheets for weekly lessons, students’ assessments and fluency principal’s reports. The ILLS will provide customized souvenir t-shirts, completion certificates for students. The ILLS will also provide year-round 15-minute student call-in chat sessions.

What We Teach!

Core Competencies and Qualifications

Foundations of Fluency

Foundations of Vocabulary

Foundation of Spelling

Foundations of Reading
Structures of Writing

Writing and Spelling
Grammar Rules
Cultural Understanding
Verb Conjugation
Linguistic Fluency

What Is Your Second Language?

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