English K-12

Children do a lot of growing and developing between primary and middle school. Their cognitive and language development change dramatically and they learn English naturally through hearing and then speaking. All English learners would like to speak English well. The idea of being able to communicate fluently when reading, writing, and speaking are essential to become a successful student. The foundation of learning often begins at a young age and, in most countries and schools, is continued throughout the students’ entire education.

Elementary English covers all the diverse and broad essentials of the English language. A student who masters the English Language will be a well-rounded, well-spoken individual. A strong foundation in English will solidify the ability to read and write well. However, students usually do not control their English learning process itself. For most, learning English is an effortless duty, which is the first and biggest problem facing many English learners because students who do not learn proper English grammar rules will not learn the language well by just hearing it.

If U.S. students are to speak, write, and read English at advanced levels, they will need language instruction that teaches and reinforces grammar, pronunciation/speaking, reading/writing, and vocabulary skills. They will need a robust language curriculum and year-round support with multiple entry points as early as elementary school, throughout middle school and high school, and beyond.

Our Services

The ILLS will create a comprehensive K-12 English curriculum that accelerate students reading, writing, and speaking skills. The ILLS will customize instructional material and daily activities, including all lessons, worksheets for weekly lessons, students’ assessments and fluency principal’s reports. The ILLS will provide customized souvenir t-shirts, completion certificates for students. The ILLS will also provide year-round 15-minute student call-in chat sessions.

What We Teach!

Core Competencies and Qualifications

Foundations of Fluency

Foundations of Vocabulary

Foundation of Spelling

Foundations of Reading
Structures of Writing

Writing and Spelling
Grammar Rules
Cultural Understanding
Verb Conjugation
Linguistic Fluency

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